Delete All Commit History in Github

November 30, 2017 in Technology | 1 min read | Tagged:

I was wondering if I can delete all commit history in Github, especially for those newly published projects that you commit six times to fix a comma in the file.

Apparently, deleting the .git directory is a terrible idea, because that creates many problems in your repository.

The best solution is to check out a new branch, add all files to it, commit, delete the master branch, and then rename the new branch to master.

Steps to do that:

  1. Checkout
    git checkout --orphan latest_branch

  2. Add all the files
    git add -A

  3. Commit
    git commit -am "message"

  4. Delete the master branch
    git branch -D master

  5. Rename the current branch to master
    git branch -m master

  6. Finally, force update your repository
    git push -f origin master

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