Teanga, a linked data based platform for NLP

April 19, 2018 in Research | 1 min read | Tagged:

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In this presentation, I introduced Teanga to my colleagues in DSI before I travel to Japan to present it in LREC 2018.

Teanga, a linked data based platform for natural language processing (NLP). Teanga enables the use of many NLP services from a single interface, whether the need was to use a single service or multiple services in a pipeline.

Teanga focuses on the problem of NLP services interoperability by using linked data to define the types of services input and output.

Teanga’s strengths include being easy to install and run, easy to use, able to run multiple NLP tasks from one interface and helping users to build a pipeline of tasks through a graphical user interface.

You can find the presentation on this link

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