So, picture this: I'm a Software Engineer by day, a post-grad lecturer by night, and an electronics hobbyist in between – basically, I'm a 24/7 nerd. My journey into the tech world started back in '98 when I was just a wide-eyed Web Designer, but let's be honest, who wasn't in '98? Fast forward to 2008, and I made the genius decision to dive headfirst into Web Development. It was like going from playing with LEGO to building the actual skyscraper! 🎨 💻 ✨

Along the way, I soaked up more knowledge than a sponge at a TED talk. I'm talking Business Development, Marketing, Management – you name it! I even dabbled in Entrepreneurship, but don't ask me about the failed lemonade stand. Oh, and I've been rubbing digital elbows with international organizations, no big deal.

Now, my true calling? Making stuff look good! I'm passionate about crafting designs that are so drop-dead gorgeous they make the Mona Lisa look like a doodle on a napkin. Whether it's for print or the web, I'm on a quest for happyness, one pixel at a time.

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