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PHP MySQL Admin Panel Generator (MAGE), a PHP tool that helps you create a PHP Admin Panel for any MySQL database in seconds.

Find it on Github
Available for Python also: Python Mage

Mage is not PHPMyAdmin; it doesn’t contain all your databases. It physically creates an admin panel for a database.

A suggested use-case for the tool would be creating an admin panel for a PHP / MySQL project in seconds, and then you can tweak it before delivery.

You may use this tool for charity or school projects, for commercial use, please contact me.


MAGE is derived from MySql Admin panel GEnerator.
Mage (meɪdʒ): a magician or learned person.

Disclaimer: Always backup your database.


1- Start by providing your MySQL Server Info, then click Next Step button. Server info

2- The tool will scan the server for available databases and list them in a dropdown menu, select the database that you want and then click “Generate Admin Panel” button Second Step

3- After a few seconds, you’ll get a success message, with a link to the newly created admin panel, and a report of all the operations that were done. Success Message

4- Click the link to the admin panel. You have to sign in using “admin” as an email and a password. Sign in

You’ll get a clean bootstrap interface to control the website, check below screenshots:
Admin Panel 1

Admin Panel 2Admin Panel 3

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