Raspberry Pi Station

March 17, 2020 in Software Engineering | 1 min read | Tagged:

Raspberry Pi Station

A while ago, I programmed some automation Python script on my Raspberry Pi, and installed a cheap 3” screen on it not to need the big monitor. The new screen doesn’t turn off unless I make a hardware shield for it, so I made a use of it to display time, weather, and latest news all the time.

Today I added a COVID-19 tracker to it.


  • Display time and date.
  • Show latest news by country.
  • Show weather in a city.
  • Show latest COVID-19 cases in a country.
  • Updates data every half hour.

How to install and use:

  • Clone the script to your server.
  • Insert country / city details.
  • Visit Open Weather Map and get an ID for the API.
  • Visit News API and get an API Key.

Here is the Github page

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