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February 1, 2022 in Development | 1 min read | Tagged:


An ~4KB game for your website. These space invaders are coming to F your website. Every word they pass over will turn into a word of your choice until you shoot them.

Click F2 on the keyboard for a demo.

How to Play

Use right and left arrow keys to move, and up arrow key to shoot.


Add the files f-this-website.min.js and f-this-website.min.cssto your HTML, and then you can start by clicking F2 on the keyboard.


Call the class from your JavaScript as below

new  FThisWebsite();

Optional params:

  • container: The HTMl element where the game can change text. default: document.body
  • word: The word you want to replace the page text when space invader passes over. default: fudge
  • speed: The movement speed. default: 25

Full example:

new  FThisWebsite(document.body, " fudge ", 25);

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