Housam Ziad,

I am a front-end and a user-experience developer with an MSc in Software Engineering and a Bachelor in Linguistics. I started as a Graphic Designer and a Web Designer in 1998 and started focusing on Web Development in 2008. Through my years of business experience, I learned a lot about Business Development, Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, and I worked on projects for big companies.

I am passionate about creating beautiful designs for print and for the web, and the happyness I pursue doing this.

My latest updates and blog posts

JavaScript Analog Clock

Written on October 22, 2019 in Software Engineering | 1 min read

Analog Clock Thumbnail

This JavaScript analog clock is made by using only four lines of code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Editting the code and adaptingg it to your website is very simple, and it uses vanilla JavaScript without any libraries.

See the Pen That 4-liner Analog Clock by Housamz (@housamz) on CodePen.

Check it at this Code Pen page

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