Housam Ziad,

I am a front-end and a user-experience developer with an MSc in Software Engineering and a Bachelor in Linguistics. I started as a Graphic Designer and a Web Designer in 1998 and started focusing on Web Development in 2008. Through my years of business experience, I learned a lot about Business Development, Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, and I worked on projects for big companies.

I am passionate about creating beautiful designs for print and for the web, and the happyness I pursue doing this.

My latest updates and blog posts

Simplest ToDo List

Written on October 22, 2018 in Software Engineering | 1 min read

Todo List This project is a very simple way to implement a Todo List interface for your website/project. It uses vanilla JavaScript to create the logic, and CSS to create the effects and styles.

See the Pen Simplest ToDo List by Housamz (@housamz) on CodePen.

Check it at this Code Pen page

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