Housam Ziad,

I am a front-end and a user-experience developer with an MSc in Software Engineering and a Bachelor in Linguistics. I started as a Graphic Designer and a Web Designer in 1998 and started focusing on Web Development in 2008. Through my years of business experience, I learned a lot about Business Development, Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, and I worked on projects for big companies.

I am passionate about creating beautiful designs for print and for the web, and the happyness I pursue doing this.

My latest updates and blog posts



Teanga: A Linked Data based platform for NLP
Teanga, a linked data based platform for natural language processing (NLP). Teanga enables the use of many NLP services from a single interface, whether the need was to use a single service or multiple services in a pipeline.

Mixed Emotions

Mixed Emotions
A big-data platform to identify sentiments and emotions.
My work: Logo Design, Interface Design, Website Development.

Grumpy Bot

Grumpy Bot
A conversational model using deep learning encoder-decoder models.
My work: Logo Design, Interface Design, Front-end Development.

Galway Live

Galway Live
Check what's happening in Galway, Ireland, live.
My work: Logo Design, Poster Design, Full-stack Development.

Irish Times

Smart Insight Extractor (Smartie)
An advanced browsing system for the Irish Times, built using Saffron.
My work: Interface Design, Front-end Development.


Entity Relatedness Graph (EnRG)
EnRG allows you to discover more about your favourite topics.
My work: Logo Design, Interface Design, Front-end Development.
The project ceased to exist, but my work is available on Behance

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